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What’s the deal with PervOUT?

My name is Lance Hart.  I started working in porn in 2008, doing gay porn for Sean Cody and after my two year contract was up in 2010, I started my own fetish production. At first, I made femdom-ish clips and sold them on a Clips4Sale store I made called She Owns Your Manhood which is mostly:

– Girls fucking me with strap-ons
– Girls kicking me in the balls (light but sexy)
– Girls doing solos where they say mean sexy things to the camera
– Girls jerking guys off on their pantyhose

After about a year of staying in the Top 50 on clips4sale, I wanted a little more.  I built my own site called Sweet Femdom where I sold the same clips, but it was my own domain and brand.  These things are pretty important for growing sales.  It was actually super hard to build my own site.  A lot of my clip producing friends wanted sites like it, so I built a whole network called PervOUT which was a way to make all my friends’ sites by only having to click a few buttons.  It was great while it lasted, but eventually the business model of processing other people’s porn transactions got way too complicated for me.  There’s a ton of reporting, bookkeeping, taxes, laws…. it was a bitch to manage, so I switched gears.

Recently I dropped everything that had to do with me managing other indie producers.  I’ve decided to focus on my own productions.  So now, PervOUT is a place for me to market the porn I make, but still send traffic and love to my friends’ productions.  I’m just not hosting their content and processing their sales anymore.  Major relief 🙂

I’ve also decided to merge my old blog LanceHartFetish.com with this site.  That old blog was always buggy anyway.  It’s time to rebuild from the ground up.  So if you were looking for an old preview post from that blog and got redirected here… sorry!  I’ll try to get as many of those videos from that blog on here.  This will take me some time, and I’m sure I just won’t get to all of them.

I’m really turned on by women doing guys with strap-ons, and threatening ballbusting, but other than that, I’m not very submissive. With my girlfriend I am much more dominate. (But Charlotte does love ballbusting and pegging, so that works out great). I really believe that pegging and ballbusting can be playful and not always mean, and still be very very sexy…

My small fan base from my old gay porn work really wanted me to open a gay fetish production, so years ago I created “Man Up” which is mostly:

– Guys kicking each other in the balls
– Gay Superhero BDSM Porn
– Gay foot jobs and handjobs
– Guys doing foot fetish stuff

The Man Up stuff is a fucking blast to make.  Gay BDSM has made me the man I am today.  I’ve grown faster and closer bonds with other men by beating each other up and making each other cum than any other way I can think of.

So, here at PervOUT, you’ll find updates about my shoots for my productions.  You’ll find updates about my shoots for other companies too.  I get booked a couple times per week to work for other, bigger, productions.  I’ll do my best to promote those too here.

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