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Lance Hart is a porn performer, director and producer. He works in Straight, Gay and TS porn. He owns PervOUT, Sweet Femdom and Man Up.

More Vids and Pics Coming Soon

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I just got PervOUT totally rebuilt and so far it's working pretty well.  There's a butt ton of vids and pics from my old blog which I need to repost here.  I wish I could just import them all.  That old blog got hacked and there's some bad juju (malware) so it's safer for [...]

A Pornstar and a Catholic Priest

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A few months ago I was flying home to Tampa from San Francisco.  I had just spent a week at Kink modeling for a few of their sites.  By chance, I was sitting next to a Catholic Priest on the plane.  Not just some guy in a black shirt and white priest collar.  This guy had [...]

So, you asked me how to get into porn…

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A little while ago, I wrote a thing about “How to start a porn company” because people ask me how to get started all the time. I as a producer and a model, people on the internet ask me how to get into the business quite frequently. Lots of people tell me they just want to [...]

37 Jobs I Sucked At Before I Was In Porn

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Here's a list of all the jobs I had before I was in Porn. Notice, I'm only 38 years old, and there are a shit ton of jobs on this list. Clearly, I got fired a lot. I mostly got fired for showing up late, but occasionally I got fired for straight up incompetence, which somehow [...]

FAQs About My Sexual Orientation

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I get asked about my sexual orientation pretty often. I guess I can understand why. I’m a dude who has a long term girlfriend who happens to hook up with other dudes, girls, and transgendered people all over the internet. I figured I’d write this so when people ask I can just send them a link. [...]