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Want to be booked?

Lance is a bit picky with who he books, but is always looking for fresh talent. Consent must be respected on all Pervout shoots. Because of this, Lance only hires models who he believes will be responsible with each others’ consent. Lance shoots primarily in Las Vegas. If you do not live in Las Vegas or within driving range, you will not get booked unless Lance has heard of you and really wants to fly you in and pay for your hotel because he wants to shoot you. Here are the standard rates of pay and what you’d be expected to perform, per site, in the Pervout Network:


(The longest shoot ever for this site took 6 hours including a lunch break after make up)
– Male Pay: $800 – $1200 depending on how much pegging for the day
– Get fucked in the ass with a sizable strap on
– Be kept on the edge of orgasm
– Eat pussy
– Standard Penis/Vagina sex
– Eat your own cum
– Light CBT (from playful ball squeezing to extreme, per your limits)
– Silly dialogue
– Female Pay: $1200
– Fuck a guy in the ass with a sizable strap on
– Edge a guy with your hand
– Squeeze or kicks a guy’s balls
– Sit on a guy’s face
– Standard Penis/Vagina sex
– Spit a guy’s cum back into his mouth
– Let a guy lick his cum off of you
– Silly dialogue


(The longest shoot ever for this site took 6 hours)
– Silly dialogue
– Bareback Anal
– Foot Fetish
– Possible wedgies
– Kissing
– Pretend to be a sex robot under control of another guy, or pretend to be hypnotized

– Pay is $1200


(These shoots are really hard work and can go pretty long.  They are only for people who can fuck for hours.  We aim for 80 minutes of sex footage per shoot plus dialogue and dancing.)

– Male Pay: $2000

– Female Pay:  $1500 (or $2000 if you do anal)

– All the kinds of oral sex
– Silly dialogue
– LOTS of sex.
– Bisexual “stacks” (a dick in a guy’s butt while his dick is inside a girl’s vagina or butt)
– Kissing

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