A Skin Head and a Trans Woman in Jail

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From 2004 - 2007 I volunteered every Tuesday at a jail.  It was the kind of jail people get locked up in while waiting to be sentenced, waiting for trial, or waiting to be transferred to a prison after being sentenced.  A real mixed bag.  My role was simply to show up with a couple friends [...]

There’s Some Serious Gay Punishment Is Going on This Week at Man Up Films!

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There are two new, must-see scenes up on Man Up Films and the name of the game is gay punishment. Assume the position! “In Caught You Stealing Undies”, sexy studs Sebastian Keys and Christian Wilde are your roommates, and they know what you’ve been up to—you went into their rooms and jacked off on their underwear. [...]

Isn’t It Time You Manned Up with MAN UP FILMS?

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Man Up Films is where you will find hot guys doing niche fetish including dressing as superheroes, edging, wedgies, BDSM, foot jobs, ball kicking, and more…basically films with guys getting weird. They get each other off and will get you off, too.   If you’re a fan of musclebound studs Draven Navarro and Ricky Larkin, you’re [...]

Gay Hypnosis Porn with Wolf Hudson and Alex Hawk

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Wolf Hudson is at home, plotting his next Gay Hypnosis evil deeds with his special magic watch that allows him to make anyone gay through hypnosis.  Right then he hears a knock at his door.  It’s a cop, Alex Hawk, who is checking in on reports he’s been hearing about men getting coerced into homosexual [...]

More Vids and Pics Coming Soon

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I just got PervOUT totally rebuilt and so far it's working pretty well.  There's a butt ton of vids and pics from my old blog LanceHartFetish.com which I need to repost here.  I wish I could just import them all.  That old blog got hacked and there's some bad juju (malware) so it's safer for [...]

A Pornstar and a Catholic Priest

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A few months ago I was flying home to Tampa from San Francisco.  I had just spent a week at Kink modeling for a few of their sites.  By chance, I was sitting next to a Catholic Priest on the plane.  Not just some guy in a black shirt and white priest collar.  This guy had [...]

So, you asked me how to get into porn…

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A little while ago, I wrote a thing about “How to start a porn company” because people ask me how to get started all the time. I as a producer and a model, people on the internet ask me how to get into the business quite frequently. Lots of people tell me they just want to [...]

37 Jobs I Sucked At Before I Was In Porn

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Here's a list of all the jobs I had before I was in Porn. Notice, I'm only 38 years old, and there are a shit ton of jobs on this list. Clearly, I got fired a lot. I mostly got fired for showing up late, but occasionally I got fired for straight up incompetence, which somehow [...]

FAQs About My Sexual Orientation

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I get asked about my sexual orientation pretty often. I guess I can understand why. I’m a dude who has a long term girlfriend who happens to hook up with other dudes, girls, and transgendered people all over the internet. I figured I’d write this so when people ask I can just send them a link. [...]