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You can independently own a big porn company that directly competes with the ones you are mad at about how they handle consent violations and racism.  Everything you need to know is here, taught by experts, for free.

QUESTION: I already have an Onlyfans/Model Centro/ManyVids…  Why would I do all the hard work it takes to have a stand-alone paysite with an affiliate program and all of that?

ANSWER:  Money.  The earning potential for a stand-alone paysite is far greater.  I am in the “top 4.5%” of OnlyFans and my two small niche paysites make in one day what my OnlyFans makes in one month.  Money pays for advertising, which is how you interact with XBIZ and AVN.  This is also how you win awards, influence award categories, support your community with paid bookings…   Also, platforms like Onlyfans, Model Centro, ManyVids are almost completely dependent on you sending traffic to them from your social media.  A stand-alone paysite gets traffic from affiliates, mailers, tube sites, blogs, traffic trades, advertising… So when your Instagram gets deleted, your business does not suffer.

QUESTION:  Is it really realistic for independent performers to build their own paysites/networks?

ANSWER:  If I pulled it off, you can.  My IQ is lower than 100.  I was broke when I started.  My entire pre-porn career was a series of jobs that fired me for oversleeping and being lazy.  I did not have any clout or a big following when I started.  I was a blacklisted “crossover” performer that mostly played a sub in femdom clips.  What I am suggesting is difficult.  It’s not incredibly difficult though.  I built my porn company fueled with the motivation of being told I couldn’t do it because I’m a “crossover” and I’m just simply too dumb. Some of you reading this might give up.  Some of you will read this at a time in your life when you are motivated to do the work, and will be successful.

Love and Service,

– Lance Hart





Ok Lighting!  Fivestar is a film badass and made a very concise and informative video that covers some lighting basics.  I actually learned a ton