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FAQs About My Sexual Orientation

I get asked about my sexual orientation pretty often. I guess I can understand why. I’m a dude who has a long term girlfriend who happens to hook up with other dudes, girls, and transgendered people all over the internet. I figured I’d write this so when people ask I can just send them a link.

The truth is, I have zero use for an orientation. Think about it. I’m in love with one person, Charlotte. I plan to be in love with her forever. She happens to be a woman. I haven’t had a reason to define or label my sexuality ever since I met her. In professional “sex worker” terms, sexuality doesn’t actually matter. The ability to perform on camera matters. That said, my abilities include:

– I can get hard and cum while there is something in my butt

– I can maintain an erection when I’m “topping” a girl (doing her in the vagina)

– I’m about 50/50 when it comes to “topping” a man and maintaining an erection

– I have no trouble getting hard and cumming with either men, women, TS… touching me, talking to me, watching me… Most often, I can do this by staying in the moment. I do not always have to fantasize about something else while I’m working up a cum shot. Sometimes I do have to go to “my special place (spank bank)”

Now I’ll ask you, what makes someone straight, gay, bisexual, queer, asexual…? Is it the sexual actions they have already taken, or haven’t taken? Are you asking for a list of the gender of the people who they have actually hooked up with?

Or, is it more based in desire? Are you asking for a list of the gender of the people they jerk off to or fantasize about…? Sometimes there is a big difference.

Is it more based in romance? If a person only dates, snuggles and “loves” one gender, but also has a strictly sexual history with another gender, what then? It seems to me, it all depends on the motive of the person asking the question…

I’ve been on radio shows when straight callers call in just to point out that in their opinion, I’m gay. I’ve hooked up with men. Gay. Done. I suppose to them, the line is drawn somewhere after getting naked next to another man in a locker room, and somewhere before touching another man’s penis one time… Ever…

I’ve also been blasted all over twitter by a small group of gay people who get upset that I have a girlfriend. To them, I should have some type of disclaimer watermark on all of my work that says that I share a bed with a woman.

I don’t argue with either. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I do think it’s funny that people get so passionate about what someone else’s sexuality might be. I guess I just don’t think in those terms. I care about opportunity, action, and risk vs reward. Again, I have zero use for a “sexuality.”

If you want to date someone, and you are asking if they are gay or straight, then you only care whether or not they would date you, not so much what they decided to label themselves that day. If you want to fuck someone, the only thing you care about is whether or not they will fuck you. Sure, some people can be turned on or off depending on another person’s sex history, but it’s probably safe to say most people just care about what they can actually “get.” Possibly most pertinent in this case, if you enjoy jerking off to images and videos of someone, maybe you are asking about their “sexuality” to fill in some blanks about a particular fantasy you are enjoying feeding. I’m happy to help in that case ????

As a pornographer and porn performer, I’m in the fantasy business. It’s my job to find a market of people who want to jerk off to me, and encourage them to want to jerk off to me more. I believe that honesty shines through whatever image anyone in my shoes would try to portray. I guess it’s best if I honestly elaborate on my situation by answering some frequently asked questions.

FAQ’s about my sexuality

Q: Have you ever dated a man?

A: No

Q: Would you ever date a man?

A: It’s a moot point. I’m in love with Charlotte, so I don’t want to date anyone else. Technically we are poly or open or whatever, but I just don’t have time to date anyone else. I’m busy loving her and fucking lots of people on the side while she does the same thing ???? I guess in theory, if I were not with Charlotte and I met a man that I wanted to date, I might. I honestly don’t think it’s very likely. I’ve just never met a man that I want to snuggle with. I’ve never been sexually jealous over a man, but I have been with women. I think that says a lot.

Q: Do you enjoy hooking up with men during porn scenes?

A: Yes. It’s always a good time. To be totally honest, the first gay scenes I did were painful and uncomfortable (they had huge cocks, and I wasn’t used to bottoming yet). I always preferred hooking up with men over any other job I’ve ever had. I never actually asked myself if that work “makes me gay” or whatever. At first it was just work. I came to enjoy it more later.

Q: Do you get more excited about straight scenes or gay scenes?

A: I get most excited about dressing up beautiful women in sexy costumes, directing them into my fantasy, and cumming all over them. That’s my passion.

I still enjoy the gay work. It’s another kind of passion. Men inspire a different type of creativity in me. Some of the improv dialogue in my gay scenes is highly amusing to me. I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the most talented men in gay porn. It’s an amazing thing to collaborate with them.

But, to be honest, I get super horny and excited over the straight and TS work more than the gay work.

Q: When you are hooking up with men during porn scenes, do you have to think about women?

A: Not always. I do from time to time though. Christian Wilde was the first man to get me to cum during a scene in which I stayed in the moment and was turned on by him. Same deal with Jessie Colter, Pito Savage and a few others. Maybe whatever percent of me that is gay is just really really picky ????

Q: What do you jerk off to?

A: I jerk off to pictures and videos of women in pantyhose mostly. I also jerk off to TS porn, femdom stuff, girls with huge boobs, and youtube videos of female Korean Pop Stars dancing. I fantasize about my self crossdressing often. I fantasize about my girlfriend more often than anything.

Q: Have you ever dated a transgendered person?

A: Yes. It was a short romance, lasting only a week. I was very romantically interested though. It just didn’t pan out. Not because of any gender issues. We just had different ideals about personal space and stuff.

Q: Have you ever paid for sex with a woman?

A: Yes. More than I’m proud of ???? Not so much anymore, now that I can just book models that I want to have sex with and act out whatever fantasy I have on film.

Q: Have you ever paid for sex with a man?

A: No.

Q: Have you ever paid for sex with a transgendered person?

A: Yes.

Q: If you are more turned on by woman, why do you do so much gay work?

A: It comes down to goals and options. I have some lofty and elaborate long term business goals (world domination…). As a man, I have the ability to make connections and network on the gay side of the industry much easier than I ever could on the straight side. On the straight side of the adult industry, I could never walk up to the owner of a large straight porn company at an adult conference and strike up a conversation. They would have zero interest in talking to me. It’s different on the gay side. Also, I understand men and communicate with them with much greater ease than I can with women. I love women, but they are mysterious to me.

Q: Are you just “gay for pay” then?

A: I don’t think so. I really do get turned on by Christian Wilde, Jessie Colter, Pito Savage… Just last week I was doing a scene with Trenton Ducati, Logan Vaughn and Sebastian Keys. It was a gay foot licking scene. We were all wearing jeans. I wasn’t supposed to have a boner at all, but I totally got rock hard and Sebastian ended up playing with my cock in the scene. So there’s that…

Q: What scenes turn you on the most?

A: I get turned on by a long long list of things. It’s a growing list. Last year I found out I’m totally turned on by clowns. My friend, Quin was putting clown make up on me before a trade shoot and I got a full erection just looking at her clown face and cleavage.

If I had to pic a favorite scenario it would be sexy women in pantyhose abusing my balls, fucking me with strap-ons, letting me fuck them, making me eat their pussy, and making me cum all over them.

Q: What gay scenes turn you on the most?

A: Foot fetish and Super Hero stuff where we are wearing spandex

So, I guess call me what you will. I guess these days “queer” kinda fits as a good catch all.