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This page is temporary.  My agenda is to get all of this information to any people of color who are interested in starting their own independent porn paysite that has all of the resources and tools that big porn companies (Jules Jordan, CockyBoys…) have.  I figured this would be one way to try to solve the racist problems within the industry that I love.


  • QUESTION: I already have an Onlyfans/Model Centro/ManyVids…  Why would I do all the hard work it takes to have a stand-alone paysite with an affiliate program and all of that?
    • ANSWER:  Money.  The earning potential for a stand-alone paysite is far greater.  I am in the “top 4.5%” of OnlyFans and my two small niche paysites make in one day what my OnlyFans makes in one month.  Money pays for advertising, which is how you interact with XBIZ and AVN.  This is also how you win awards, influence award categories, support your community with paid bookings…   Also, platforms like Onlyfans, Model Centro, ManyVids are almost completely dependent on you sending traffic to them from your social media.  A stand-alone paysite gets traffic from affiliates, mailers, tube sites, blogs, traffic trades, advertising… So when your Instagram gets deleted, your business does not suffer.
  • QUESTION:  Is it really realistic for independent performers to build their own paysites/networks?
    • ANSWER:  If I pulled it off, you can.  My IQ is lower than 100.  I was broke when I started.  My entire pre-porn career was a series of jobs that fired me for oversleeping and being lazy.  I did not have any clout or a big following when I started.  I was a blacklisted “crossover” performer that mostly played a sub in femdom clips.  What I am suggesting is difficult.  It’s not incredibly difficult though.  I built my porn company fueled with the motivation of being told I couldn’t do it because I’m a “crossover” and I’m just simply too dumb. Some of you reading this might give up.  Some of you will read this at a time in your life when you are motivated to do the work, and will be successful.


I want to make this happen as fast as possible, and the only place I could think of to post all of this happens to be a page on one of my sites.  The videos are too big for Vimeo and I thought it would be weird if I put them on PornHub.  YouTube would certainly delete them quickly because they have to do with porn.  Eventually, this project will have a name.  At that point, I’ll create a site for it to stand alone.  For now, this is the best I can do.  This information will certainly be useful to all races.  Maybe you are just sick of hearing about abuse on porn sets and want to start your own business…  Maybe you are sick of rates that you don’t think are fair, or just simply want to make more money.  This is how I did it.  There are many ways, but I can only light the path that I have personally taken.

I am hosting weekly live Zoom meetings to cover all of these topics.  Currently they will be on Thursdays at 4:30 PM Pacific time/7:30 PM Eastern time, subject to change.  If you’d like an invite, email me at and I’ll make sure you get one.  I’ll be going over the “Back End Stuff” in the first meeting.  Many highly experienced porn professionals have already volunteered to make videos on and teach the funner stuff like lighting, cameras, other equipment, editing, booking, BDSM, marketing, traffic, consent…. If you are interested in teaching, please also email me at

If this project takes on depth and weight, I will immediately encourage a committee to be formed out of the “teachers and students” to run it, and also immediately remove myself from running it.  I am not interested in “owning” this.


Back End Stuff


Legal Stuff:  This is more important than you might think.  Here is a deep dive with Corey Silverstein, Ricky Johnson and Lance Hart into why it is VERY important to seek legal help from an experienced Adult Industry lawyer.  DON’T JUST COPY AND PASTE YOUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS FROM A SIMILAR PORN SITE.  DON’T JUST COPY ANOTHER COMPANY’S 2257, MODEL RELEASES AND OTHER PAPERWORK.  Cory has a solution called that will likely fit even a very small start-up budget.  Contact him HERE.  Make no mistake, as soon as you are successful, you will be on the radar of bigger porn companies.  You will need protection.  I have personally experienced this.

** Hot tip:  Name your LLC something vanilla.  If your LLC is “Ass Fucking Films LLC” you will not be able to get a bank account or get approved with a payroll company.  Mine is Fluffy Cat LTD because I have a fluffy cat.  The name only comes up on paperwork and any checks you write.  It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s not porn related.  Definitely don’t use your stage name as your LLC, or might be easy for crazed stalker fans to find your home address.

** Utilizing something like the UPS Store to purchase a mailbox for your business with an address that is not a PO Box can keep your home address out of public view.


Here are the technical steps once you have legal protection

Estimated Total Initial Cost: ~$3000

Step 1:  Buy a domain and get hosting.  You can do both through MojoHost.  This video with Brad (owner and founder of MojoHost) and Lance Hart digs deep into the nerdy tech stuff with hosting.  It’s worth watching, but to save time, just email and start the ball rolling when you are ready.  Estimated ball park cost: $100-$400 per month.  I strongly suggest going with MojoHost.  There is no reason why you should not have all of the technical internet advantages of the bigger companies.  You can literally have a server on the same rack in the same data center as them.


Step 2:  Build your site.  I highly recommend going with Elevated X over building one from scratch.  Some of the most profitable porn productions use this.  It’s affordable for almost everyone.  When I started I went the other way and built my sites from scratch.  This was a big mistake.  Just use their service and save yourself a ton of headaches. Estimated cost: $199 per month.  Here is a deep dive into doing it that way with King Noire, Ricky Johnson, Lance Hart and AJ (founder of Elevated X):


Step 3:  Get a Merchant Processing Account so you can accept credit cards.  There are options here.  I personally recommend getting two in a cascade.  Use Mobius Pay for credit cards.  Use Epoch to accept Paypal.  Yes, you can accept PayPal on your porn site, but the ONLY way is with an Epoch account.  Initial costs:  $1000 upfront for Mobius and also $1000 upfront for Mobius to cover your Visa and MasterCard fees for the first year.


Here is a deep dive into Mobius with Lasha Lane, Jonathan Corona and Lance Hart


Here is a deep dive into working with Epoch with Frank and Lance Hart:


Step 4:  Set up your affiliate program with NATS.  Estimated cost:  $300 per month.  You need to do this.  This is probably the most complicated part, but you really need to do it.  This is a tool that almost every large porn company uses.  You can’t compete with them without it.  I haven’t been able to nail down a video with my contacts at Too Much Media (the company that made NATS) yet.  When you get to this stage in the process, your contacts at Mojohost and Elevated X will be able to point you in the right direction to learn what you need to learn.

* Don’t get overwhelmed if NATS doesn’t fully make sense at first.  It has a TON of functions and you only really need to be familiar with a couple things to make good money:

  • Integrate your shopping cart and Merchant Processor(s) with NATS to make sure everything is being tracked properly.  You don’t actually do this yourself.  You just send support tickets to Elevated X, your Merchant Processors, and Too Much Media, then relay their info to Rob Murray (who I mention below).  They’ll iron it out for you as long as you keep on top of the support tickets and emails and be really nice to all of them.
  • Put your trailers and pics for each update of your site in your NATS where affiliates can easily find them in your affiliate program.


Step 5:  Set up your shopping cart.  You’ll need to integrate your shopping cart (where your users sign up) with your merchant processing account(s) and your NATS installation.  This one isn’t so cookie cutter.  I can refer you to a programmer/designer once you get to this step.  I used Rob Murray every time.  I asked him and he said you are welcome to reach out to him at when you are ready for this step.  This step not particularly hard for any developer to handle, but you’ll need a developer if you are not savvy with web dev.  You’ll have to ask Rob or your developer their price, but I think I remember the cost being around $200.


Step 6:  Email Campaigns.  You’ll need to email blast people who used to be members, asking them to come back.  This will greatly increase your revenue.  Also, as your business grows, your email list will grow.  Email lists are a form of currency which you can use to barter with other porn companies.  Personally, I use for my email blasts.  They are adult friendly and the interface is easy enough to use.  Ynot Mail is another option.  Both are good.  I switched to Campaigner from Ynot mail last year because I just like the templates better, but it’s really a personal preference.

You’ll also need to use your email campaign system to email your affiliates every time your site updates.  You’ll be sending them a thumbnail of your recent update, the title, who is in it, and a link where they can download the trailer and stills.


Step 7:  Payroll.  If you live in California, you will need to set up payroll to comply with the AB5 law.  I do not live in California, but I still recently switched to payroll to take advantage of workman’s comp benefits.  Also, making money is great, but if you can’t ever get approved to buy a house or a car or sign a lease because you have zero employment history, life gets tricky.  Payroll fixes that and sets you up to get the normal life things like bank accounts, loans, simpler taxes…  It barely costs more than $50 per month and it’s free to set up.  You will not get approved if your LLC is porn related BTW.  Or you can google payroll and your state and it’s pretty simple.  It’s about a 2 hour phone call to knock it all out.


Step 8:  Taxes.  You have to pay them.  I have used many book keepers and CPAs over the years.  For the past 4 years I have stuck with X Tax Pros and my experience has been great.  They specialize in sex work.  Here is a video with the owner of X Tax Pros digging into taxes and sex work.



That’s all the back end stuff!


Here’s some other videos that cover generally super important topics to consider


Here’s a video with Christian Wilde and I discussing topping, and then digging deep into consent and making sure no one gets abused on your set.  In this video we refer to our experience as gay porn performers, but the principals are the same no matter your gender or orientation.  Yes, getting the abusers out of porn is a very important step.  This is only the first step.  How do we handle ourselves in the future to make sure that abuse does not happen on our sets?  This is just one discussion.  There needs to be many more.  I would love to add similar video discussions led by other genders.  Please contact me if you are interested.


Here a video with JP “The Pope” discussing consent.  I asked him to do this because he’s made a living out of torturing women for porn for over a decade yet everyone I’ve ever talked to that has worked with him only had good things to say.  I think his track record of providing a safe and consensual workplace is something to emulate.  (also BTW I’ve reached out to a some women as well to do videos to discuss consent on set, and they are coming soon.  I promise it’s not going to just be men talking about this)



On the subject of booking, there are many topics to cover.  This is video is a conversation with August Alexander and Lance Hart about booking HIV POS performers, and the communication to think about.


Are you filming and it’s not looking the way you want it to?  Here’s a very helpful video with Madeline, Fabiana and Lance going over the basics of camera settings and fundamentals of exposure and color.


Ok Lighting!  Fivestar is a film badass and made a very concise and informative video that covers some lighting basics.  I actually learned a ton by watching it.  (Many of these topics, like lighting, consent and other things… will have multiple videos covering the same thing from different professionals.  I’ve found that different people have different ways of explaining stuff, and more input is always better.)


What kind of content should you shoot?  How can you make it profitable?  These are big questions.  Pick your niches and learn how The Theory of Constraints should be considered with your production.  Like I mentioned before, I’m not a smart guy.  I’ve read very few books because it’s just very hard for me to read a book.  I did read up on the Theory of Constraints and applied those principles to my production.  The result:  I spend $2000-$7000 per month on production and my business makes $35,000 – $70,000 per month.   Profit is the goal of every business, otherwise, it’s not a business.  This MUST be taken seriously if you want to make a change in our industry.  If you don’t make money, you won’t be able to book ethically, buy booths at AVN, sponsor shows, compete for awards with the big companies… and nothing will change in the big picture.  The good news is, as an independent you are starting out with almost no fat to trim from your margins.  Good habits and good strategy from the start will keep you profitable.


Affiliates!  “But Lance, how will I get traffic to my new paysite?  I’m not famous enough… I am famous but barely enough people join my Fan Centro when I tweet about it…”  This video is the solution to those problems.  Almost no one knew who I was when I started.  Those that did know about me just knew I was a blacklisted “crossover” model.  It is not your job as a paysite owner to drive traffic to your site.  It is your job to get a lot of other people and companies to drive traffic to your site.  I go into how you can do what big porn companies do to get traffic in this video: