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How to Get Your PPP Loan for Sex Workers Video Walk Through

Today is March 26th and you only have a few days to get this done.  This is a RARE opportunity where sex workers can get business loans.  We aren’t even fucking aloud in banks, but if you do this, you can get over $20,000 zapped to your bank account in a couple weeks.  Use it to grow!  Don’t blow it!


I’ve been getting a ton of questions about how to fill out this simple form, so I made this video.  I hope it helps.  If you watch this video and then get thousands of dollars and then don’t have to pay the money back, you owe me a fucking hand job.  You don’t have to look at me, or acknowledge me.  Just wear leggings or pantyhose and make me cum on them.  I will clean it up, trust me.  If you get over $20,000, I get a vagina job or butthole job.  This is more than fair.  It won’t get weird.  Do the right thing.


Here is a video walk through on how to fill your stuff out at   It takes about 3 minutes.  Easiest money you will ever make.





Lance Hart