//Isn’t It Time You Manned Up with MAN UP FILMS?

Isn’t It Time You Manned Up with MAN UP FILMS?

Man Up Films is where you will find hot guys doing niche fetish including dressing as superheroes, edging, wedgies, BDSM, foot jobs, ball kicking, and more…basically films with guys getting weird. They get each other off and will get you off, too.


If you’re a fan of musclebound studs Draven Navarro and Ricky Larkin, you’re going to love our two newest scenes. They’re just two of the wide array of hot men we feature on the site.

“Ricky Creeps on Draven’s Feet” has Ricky getting excited by Draven’s sweaty feet after his gym session. Foot licking and jacking off on Draven’s feet ensue, but then Draven flips the script and becomes the dominant one. You have to see it to believe it! Check it out at https://manupfilms.com/tour/trailers/Ricky-Creeps-Dravens-Feet.html.

“Draven Caught in the Act” has Ricky and Draven joining forces for a second time. This time, Ricky walks on Draven and he’s riding a fucking machine and pleasuring himself at the same time, and just about ready to climax. Ricky bursts his bubble by fucking with him and eventually cumming on his face. Ricky starts Round 2 by changing into some assless football pants. He dominates Draven some more until Draven finally blows his load. See the trailer and full scene at https://manupfilms.com/tour/trailers/Draven-Caught-in-the-Act.html.

Join Man Up Films today at https://join.manupfilms.com/signup/signup.php?step=signup&nats=Mi4xLjIuMi4wLjAuMC4wLjA&switched=1&strack=0&. Members can email Lance, comment on a current scene posted, or Tweet at @perveoutfilms or @lancehartfetish to give him your ideas for upcoming scenes. Who knows…your fantasy might become reality!

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About the Author:

Lance Hart is a porn performer, director and producer. He works in Straight, Gay and TS porn. He owns PervOUT, Sweet Femdom and Man Up.