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Start Your Own Site: Legal Stuff

This is more important than you might think.  Here is a deep dive with Corey Silverstein, Ricky Johnson and Lance Hart into why it is VERY important to seek legal help from an experienced Adult Industry lawyer.  DON’T JUST COPY AND PASTE YOUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS FROM A SIMILAR PORN SITE.  DON’T JUST COPY ANOTHER COMPANY’S 2257, MODEL RELEASES AND OTHER PAPERWORK.  Cory has a solution called that will likely fit even a very small start-up budget.  Contact him HERE.  Make no mistake, as soon as you are successful, you will be on the radar of bigger porn companies.  You will need protection.  I have personally experienced this.

** Hot tip:  Name your LLC something vanilla.  If your LLC is “Ass Fucking Films LLC” you will not be able to get a bank account or get approved with a payroll company.  Mine is Fluffy Cat LTD because I have a fluffy cat.  The name only comes up on paperwork and any checks you write.  It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s not porn related.  Definitely don’t use your stage name as your LLC, or might be easy for crazed stalker fans to find your home address.

** Utilizing something like the UPS Store to purchase a mailbox for your business with an address that is not a PO Box can keep your home address out of public view.