//Man Up Films Goes Deep into Production—Look for Tons of New Content!

Man Up Films Goes Deep into Production—Look for Tons of New Content!

Over the past month, Man Up Films has only released one new scene each week. Lance Hart has been busy with production and members need to get ready for a ton of new content coming their way! In just the past few days, there has been two updates both starring Ricky Larkin and Tony Orlando.


“Wedgie Debt Collector Part 1” has Ricky playing an enforcer trying to get Tony to pay his debts. Ricky resorts to wedgies and even spanks him in the nuts. Tony begs him to stop but he’s definitely getting off on all the action. Finally Ricky wears him down and Tony tells him there’s money upstairs. But, is there really? Watch the upcoming Part 2 to find out.






“Male Sex Bot: Box Malfunction” has Tony and Ricky in very different roles. Dr. Tony Orlando needs his sex bot Ricky to help him pack. Ricky decides to put a hole in the box and put his dick in it. Dr. Orlando tries to reprogram him and then realizes he just needs a release. With a small adjustment, the robot is back on track…well, sort of.




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About the Author:

Lance Hart is a porn performer, director and producer. He works in Straight, Gay and TS porn. He owns PervOUT, Sweet Femdom and Man Up.