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Project Description

Ashley Fires has blackmailed her best guy friend with pictures of him dress in women’s lingerie. There’s one more thing she’s always wanted to do to him… dress him like a girl and fuck his ass with a strapon.

Ashley returns with a big strap on dildo and makes him suck it. She bends him over, smacks his ass and puts it in him. She fucks to good, Lance is quickly moaning and begging her for more.

After teaching her new “girlfriend” to love cock, she whispers sweetly in his ear, “Why don’t you ride my dick while I jerk off your dick…”

Only a few minutes ago he was embarrassed to get caught sniffing her panties, and now he’s just a big slut riding her, moaning with her strap-on inside him while she makes his whole body tingle with her skilled hands on his boner.

She tells him she’s going to to whore him out at truck stops when they aren’t shopping for girl things together. He’s her new slutty “girlfriend” and he isn’t even complaining. All he wants to do is release his load on her tits.

Ashley milks out his cum then tells him to lick it up like a good slut and swallow it.

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