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Project Description

Roxanne Rae challenged Lance Hart to a wrestling match.  Winner gets to do whatever they want to the loser…

At first Lance easily dominates Roxanne.  She doesn’t seem to put up much of a fight.  He gropes her while pinning her down and she giggles.  Then she gets on top and surprises him by keeping him down with her crotch on his face.  After some struggling, Lance breaks free and finishes completely dominating her…

He assumes he won, and proceeds to do “Whatever he wants…”

He pulls her leotard off and licks her pussy to get it wet.  She giggles and moans.  Clearly she enjoys it.  Lance starts to think she wanted to lose.  He shoves his cock in her mouth and she willingly sucks it until he is raging hard.  He slides his cock in her pussy and fucks her on the mat, then he picks her up and fucks her in the corner against the ropes.

Roxanne has a huge orgasm on his cock.  Lance is sure that this was all a game for her.  “You must have just wanted an excuse to get fucked like a slut in a wrestling ring…”

While his cock is still inside her.  She whispers, “I’m still gonna get you…”

Lance doesn’t understand at first, until he feels her hand grip his balls.  At first he thinks she’s just being kinky.  His cock is still hard inside her pussy.  She grips tighter and tighter.  Lance begs her to let go.  “You’re crushing my balls!  You’re crazy!”

Finally when Lance tells her she wins, and she’s the best at wrestling, she lets go.  He falls to the matt holding his balls.  She giggles and walks off, returning with a strap-on…

“Now I get to do what I wanted to do!”  Roxanne celebrates.  She bends him over and fucks him against the ropes.  At first he protests, but she fucks him so well he starts to love it.  She turns him into a total slut with her strap-on inside him.

She fucks him on the mat, and slowly jerks his cock with her strap-on inside him.  She makes him while she’s deep inside her and she says, “I always win…”

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