Peril of Boy Wonder2018-04-24T07:21:12+00:00

Project Description

General Zod has already defeated Superman, and now he’s coming for the rest of the Justice League. He captured Robin, bound him up, and set up a camera to air on the daily news. Zod is going to make the world watch him abuse the boy wonder live on TV, and turn him into his personal boy slut…

Zod is doing this to call out Batman. He wants Batman to reveal his true identity. Until he does, Zod is going to continue to abuse and humiliate Batman’s beloved sidekick in from of the world.

First Zod rips open Robin’s tights to expose his cock and balls. Robin insults Zod at first, but before long he’s playing by Zod’s tune… Zod gives him a mix of ball abuse (stretching, slapping, squeezing) with a mix of cock stroking. He violates Robin’s tight ass with his finger and makes him lick it after.

By the end, Robin is begging to cum, and Zod has turned him into his little sex puppet. Zod milks out Robin’s big load, then ruins his orgasm with massive stimulation on his cock while Robin screams and begs for him to stop.

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