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Start Your Own Site: Email Campaigns

Step 6:  Email Campaigns.  You’ll need to email blast people who used to be members, asking them to come back.  This will greatly increase your revenue.  Also, as your business grows, your email list will grow.  Email lists are a form of currency which you can use to barter with other porn companies.  Personally, I use for my email blasts.  They are adult friendly and the interface is easy enough to use.  Ynot Mail is another option.  Both are good.  I switched to Campaigner from Ynot mail last year because I just like the templates better, but it’s really a personal preference.

You’ll also need to use your email campaign system to email your affiliates every time your site updates.  You’ll be sending them a thumbnail of your recent update, the title, who is in it, and a link where they can download the trailer and stills.