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The Crossover Thing

I’m already fucking many of the people off camera that I’m not supposed to be fucking on camera.  Grow up.

[After chilling my feels for a few days I figured I should make some much needed revisions on this]

Ok here’s a weird thing about porn you may not know.  When a male performer does just one gay or trans scene, but also does straight scenes he is called a “crossover model.”  I guess cause we are “crossing over” some invisible made up line between gay and straight work.  This only takes one gay scene ever, which is weird.

I’ll concede, at one point there may have been some actual value to this.  The STI testing standards for most straight scenes have not always been the same as the ones for the gay scenes.  Meaning: for a long time it was common practice to do gay porn without any STI test, but use condoms.  On the straight side condoms are just weird, so they stick to rigorous STI testing.  So, if you’re a straight-only kinda porno person you might fear someone that you work with having a history of doing gay scenes with untested people.  My assumption is that you are scared the condom broke in the last scene (shot since the date of his last test, which is always less than a 14 day window) and no one said anything or something like that.

These days most gay productions I work for require the exact same tests as the straight ones.  Now, since most is not all, I understand there still may be some fear.  Also, btw I pretty much do like 4 gay scenes a year now.  Not by preference.  That’s just the way the work comes.  I mostly do straight fetish stuff for my own productions.

“But Lance, you’re asking girls to trust that you didn’t have gay sex with a broken condom with in the past two weeks with a partner that is carrying a contractable viral load of HIV..”

Yes.  I am.  Read on.

Because here’s where all the logic starts to fall apart with that shit.  A large percentage of the “straight side” of porn escorts.  When I show up to work with a female for a straight scene I always do look at her test, but I also gamble that if she escorts, she’s been safe about it since the date of her test (which is always within 2 weeks prior to the shoot.)  Bottom line, most Johns do not report to the same talent testing database that I am sworn to adhere to.  My point is, it’s the same risk on both ends no matter how you look at it.  The girl’s trick’s condom might have broke the night before…  And don’t try to tell me female escorts don’t have buttsex.  Maybe they don’t.  Maybe they do.  You’re already asking me to trust you just like I’m asking you to trust me.  Drop the homophobic double standard

[Revision:  I seriously have zero judgement towards escorts.  I respect and love many pro escorts.  Their job is important, not easy, again IMPORTANT, and I mean it.  I didn’t mean this to sound judgey.  My point is that trust is extremely relevant with all kinds of sex work.  I’m trusting my scene partner to be a safe escort when I’m not working with them.  They trust me in the same way with Gay and Trans work.]

Here’s the other huge thing.  No “crossover” has ever given a straight performer HIV on a porn set that I know of.  No one’s ever been able to tell me of that happening.  A while back there were some scares but our awesome testing system blocked everyone on porn sets and kept us all safe.  Yay porn!

[Revision:  Okay I was wrong about this.  Apparently 10 years before I was ever in porn, a risky male talent passed HIV to his scene partners after doing risky work in Brazil.  I didn’t know.  Still… 10 years ago.  This does bring up a good point.  I’ll concede that maybe not all performers are as diligent about safety and testing as me and my friends.  Still… read on…]

So that’s some back story to my little rant here.  Now I’m going to drop the bomb on this bullshit and end the fucking argument.

I’m already fucking many of the people off camera that I’m not supposed to be fucking on camera.   Those people are fucking people who are fucking everyone else in porn.  Whatever plan you had to keep my gay and trans friendly dick from sitting at your lunch table has already failed.  Get over it.

Their agents know.  Their producers know.  Agents, producers and models go out of their way to tell me:

“Hey I heard you’re hanging out with (insert sexy porn person)… I’m cool with you having sex with ‘my girls,’ just don’t do it on camera.  I mean no offense.  I respect your work… [blah blah backpedalling awkward ego stuff…]

Seriously I can’t count how many times I’ve been told this.  It happened today.  It was at a dinner table in front girls that work with the agent who was trying to be cool while totally being an ass-hat.  I think he was trying to make a point to the rest of “his girls” because one of them was flirting with me.  It was really uncomfortable. 

[Revision:  The agent I’m not naming here is actually a good dude.  I like him.  If he didn’t respect me at all we might have not even had any conversation.  I appreciate that.  He’s in a tough spot.  He’s under heavy threats from other parties to not let the girls he represents work with crossovers.  He’s doing the best he can.  I still wish we could just have a legit sit down talk about this shit.  If I could learn more about his pressures, I could help to try to solve them.  Just treating this situation like it’s an immovable wall is kinda dumb and actually illogical.  Also he knows he’s an ass-hat sometimes  ]

  1. No agent owns any male or female performer.  The agent provides a service for the performer to earn a commission.  They may have contracts.  They certainly do not own anyone.  I can’t stand it when people say “my girls.”  The girls can say “my agent” because he works for them.  Not the other way around.
  2. Why does anyone have to offer permission for anyone to have sex with someone off camera?  Clearly it’s cool.  No one’s paying us.  No one’s earning a commission.  There’s zero authority there.

I’m slutty.  I typically put out on the first date.  I’m also side-dick to many relevant porn stars.  I’m in a serious relationship with a very slutty female porn star.  It’s just where I’m at in life currently.  I like women and trans-women.  I’m safe as fuck about it.  I only sleep with people who have current tests without condoms.  For emotional relating reasons I pretty much only date and hook up with sex workers who happen to adhere to our testing standards.  I am VERY active.  I’m fucking and mouth fucking as many sexy people as my calendar allows.  Seriously, I have to schedule fuck dates weeks ahead of time sometimes.  I’m not going to stop soon and my sex partners don’t seem to want to stop either.  This isn’t going away.

So basically, I’m good enough to fuck certain porn people off camera but I’m somehow not allowed to do it on camera.  I used to just think it was weird and shrug it off, but it’s really starting to get my goat.

I love my lifestyle and career, and I take the whole STI testing thing very seriously because I do not want to jeopardize mine or anyone else’s enjoyable way of life.

All I’m saying is, who are we trying to get one over on here?  The fans?  The customers?  Each other? 

Cut the bullshit and let me shoot some sexy bi scenes with the agency girls that keep telling me they want to shoot them.  At least stop telling to me I can’t shoot sex with the girls that just woke up in my bed from having sex with me.  What do you possibly have to gain from this?  We might as well make some money while we’re there….  Are you threatened by my ability to fuck men and trans-women openly and not keep it a secret.  Do you wish you could be honest about the men and trans-women that you have to pay to have sex with?  Maybe a little jealous that I’m fucking them for free and for fun and they make you pay a few hundred dollars and won’t snuggle with you?  I’m gonna have to go with that.

[Revision:  Okay, I get a little stabby in the end there…  Sorry about that.  I rarely loose my cool, but when I do I say regrettable shit.  Sorry I’m accusing people of not being snuggle material]

Stop treating me like my sex is only good as a secret.  I’m already fucking “your girls.”  “Your girls” are DM’ing me on twitter for booty calls.  You’re already telling me you “don’t mind” after I already fucked them off camera (congratulations for feeling important on that one.)  The fans and customers do not give a fuck.  I’m not asking for ANY increased risk here.  I’m just asking for some fuck-justice.