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Sweet Femdom

Casey and Kat Take Everything 2

Sweet Femdom

Casey Kisses and Kat Dior have Slave Fluffy trapped on their space ship as they travel the galaxy back to their home planet where he will be used and abused as a sissy slut for the rest of his life.

It’s a very long trip.  Kat is trying to entertain herself by sitting on his face and smothering him with her pussy and ass.  Casey gets bored and tells Kat she wants to fuck him in his sissy ass.  The girls get exciting and Casey slides her long cock in his ass while Kat teases him and plays with his balls.  “If you want to keep these little things, you’re going to have to get used to pleasing us like this.”

Casey fucks him long and hard.  Time passes and the girls are bored again.  They discuss making Slave Fluffy cum just for the fun of it.  Casey reminds Kat that if he cums, they will have to castrate him, as this is the law…. This only gets Kat more excited about the idea.

Kat lubes up his cock and strokes it, whispering dirty things to him about imagining her sucking his cock and sliding it in and out of her perfect wet pussy.  She strokes with two hands and he moans.  “He loves it!  He must want us to get rid of his little balls!”

He tries as hard as he can, but eventually he can’t help it and he explodes cum all over the space ship.  The girls celebrate, and leave him to prepare for his long and painful castration.