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Man Up Films

Country Domination

Man Up Films

Christian Wilde is the town wild man. Everyone is scared of him. Lance Hart has to confront him, because Lance’s wife caught Christian in their barn choking their chickens.

Lance tries to man up and stand up to Christian, but Christian casually grabs Lance by the balls and squeezes hard, making it clear that he does whatever the fuck he wants…

Christian gets excited by Lance’s package. He keeps squeezing, stomping, kicking and kneeing him. He gets so excited that he grabs Lance by the balls and rams his cock in Lance’s mouth…

He wants to see Lance’s cock, so he pulls it out, grabs his naked balls and squeezes. He pulls Lance around by the nuts, then pushes him onto a hay bail where he proceeds to stroke Lance’s hard cock and squeeze his balls.

Lance can’t believe he’s about to cum, but Christian doesn’t let him get off so easy. He brings him to the edge a couple times, then stops and squeezes his balls hard, making his hard cock throb.

Christian milks out a load from Lance with a firm grip on his nuts, then ruins his orgasm by continuing to roughly work the head of his cock while Lance is begging him to stop.

All this domination got Christian so horny that he rams his cock in Lance’s mouth and quickly blows a load down his throat. He grabs Lance by the neck, makes him swallow, and tells him they are gonna be doing this more often…