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Sweet Femdom

Cum Challenge Video Game

Sweet Femdom

Will Havoc is trying a new video game.  He heard it’s a different kind of fighting game.  When he loads it up, Lydia Black appears in his living room wearing a leotard, shiny pantyhose and black boots.  She bounces in a fighting stance, and the game says “CUM CHALLENGE!”

Lydia knocks the controller out of his hands and pulls out his cock.  She proceeds to stroke his cock and get him to the edge of cumming, only to deny him and squeeze his balls hard.  She sits on his face, makes him rip open her pantyhose and lick her pussy and asshole, makes him worship her pantyhose covered feet, gives him a foot job, makes him fuck her pussy…. All the while stopping him before he can cum to hurt his aching blue balls.

Finally she explains that if he cums early, he has to eat all of his cum.  Will can’t take anymore, he explodes cum all over her pussy and she makes him lick it up.