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Man Up Films

Dante’s New Job (parts 1 + 2)

Man Up Films

Dante Colle is starting a new job today in an office. He’s really not sure what he’s supposed to be doing at work. His super intimidating boss comes into his office to chit chat, and it gets very awkward when Dante asks what he should be doing.

His boss (Damien Stone) is the typical manager who makes small talk weird. Dante struggles to get through the conversation. Damien finally gets honest with Dante, “Ok, you aren’t really Dante Colle. You’re a robot. You’re here to replace the real Dante Colle…”

“I’ll prove it… suck my dick”. Dante unzips his bosses pants with zero hesitation and starts sucking his dick. When his boss snaps his fingers, Dante suddenly thinks he’s the real Dante Colle and gets upset and bewildered with the dick in his mouth.

His boss continues to fuck with him, and actually fuck him right in the ass, snapping him in and out of the robot code (Auto Mode)

Damien Stone now has the robot that replaced Dante Colle laying naked in a lab for some diagnostics. He snaps his fingers, which triggers the robot to turn on and think it’s Dante Colle. Dante is restrained but struggles and freaks out.

Damien starts to stroke Dante’s cock, then suck it. When Dante is just about to cum, Damien grips his balls tight and squeezes, stopping him from cumming.

“You see, everyone at this corporation has enjoyed fucking you ass in Auto Mode. Next, we want to break your robot spirit. You really believe you are Dante Colle, and Dante Colle doesn’t want to be used as a sex slave. I’m here to break that part of you. You will be edged until you break and beg for a dick in your ass.”

Dante fights it at first, then decides to trick his master. He pretends that he isn’t going to cum, then blows his full load in Damien’s mouth. Damien gets a little upset, but just snaps him back into Auto Mode and fucks him in the ass.