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Sweet Femdom

Lily Butt Fucks a Cop

Sweet Femdom

Lily Lane is at home when Officer Draven Navarro barges in to arrest her for lewd conduct (blowing the mailman by the trashcan outside.)

Once he gets her in cuffs, he pervs on her by groping her huge tits and ass and putting his face in her pussy.  He searches her house and finds two large dildos.  At first she’s embarrassed, but then he reveals what a real pervert he is and shoves one of them up his ass while she’s handcuffed and watching.

He uncuffs her and tells her to use one of the dildo on him.  She straps up and pounds his ass with the largest one.  Then she puts him in chastity and tells him that she was blowing the mailman, and she’s going to invite him back over, suck his cock and spit his cum down the cop’s throat while he’s in chastity.