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Mind Fucker VS Superman

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Superman is trying to track down the infamous Mind Fucker (played by D Arclyte) who has been causing trouble all over Metropolis. For some reason, Superman feels slightly bewildered. He can’t remember exactly how he got there…

The Mind Fucker appears out of no where behind him. When Superman attempts to overpower him and take him down, the Mind Fucker somehow disappears, then reappears just to mock the man of steel…

He doesn’t have teleportation powers. He has mental powers. He’s inside Superman’s mind, tinkering with him… “When I snap my fingers, you will suddenly feel an overwhelming urge to suck my dick.”

Superman sucks the villains cock until the Mind Fucker snaps his fingers again. “The next time I snap my fingers, you will believe that the only way to take me in and serve justice, is to suck the cum out of my cock.”

Superman vigorously sucks the villain’s cock this time, as if he is winning a fight. He sucks the villain until he cums in his mouth, then Superman looks up as if he won a great battle (with cum dripping out of his mouth) and tells the villain “It’s over, you’re coming with me” while on his knees.

Superman is still on his knees with the villain Mind Fucker’s cum dripping out of his mouth. The Mind Fucker wants to play more games with him.

“When I snap my fingers, you will believe that the only way to defeat me is if you let me kick you in the balls over and over. The more I kick you in the balls, the hornier you will get.”

Superman comes out of the trance and immediately demands that the Mind Fucker kicks him hard in the balls. He takes a few kicks, then yells “Harder! Kick me harder!”

As the Mind Fucker whales on his balls, Superman becomes overwhelmingly horny and starts to stroke his own cock.
“Now, when I snap my fingers, you will believe that the only way to defeat me is to jerk off and cum all over your super suit.”

Superman strokes his own hard cock while the Villain mockingly begs for mercy, “Oh please Superman, don’t cum all over yourself… anything but that…”

“You can’t stop me scum… I’m the man of steel. I’m going to cum all over myself and then you’re mine!”

The Mind Fucker is enjoying this greatly. After Superman blows his load the Mind Fucker snaps his fingers again and makes him eat his own cum, then disappears.