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Man Up Films

Wolf Gets Saved by an Angel

Man Up Films

Wolf Hudson has come to the end. He is laying in a hospital bed, contemplating his life when it occurs to him that maybe he should pray before it’s all over. He’s never prayed before, or really believed in anything, but he gives it a try.

An angel (John Johnson) appears in the hospital room and whips his big dick out. Wolf asks if this will get him into heaven, and the angel just tells him, “Maybe…”

Wolf sucks the angel’s cock enthusiastically. The angel uses his angel powers to freeze the mortal Wolf Hudson so he can take a phone call from God. He explains to God that he thinks he found a real whore and asks if he can come back to heaven. Things are looking good, so he unfreezes Wolf.

“You know, there’s a VIP section in Heaven…”

Wolf bends over and takes the angel’s big cock like a real slut, enjoying it, but also hoping that if he’s a good enough fuck he’ll get into heaven VIP. But in the middle of the fucking, if feels so good he screams “God Damn!”

The angel freezes him immediately and gets a call from God. He pleads with the Lord to over look it, then goes back to pounding the mortal’s ass until he fills it with cum.